Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parent Volunteers... How do you Get Them Involved? Organize? Ensure success?

Improving parental involvement with public schools can improve schools. Parental involvement is highly important for pushing the public school systems to higher standards. Also, research reports that engaging parents in an active role in the school curriculum can open alternative opportunities for children to succeed in academics.Journal of Instructional PsychologyMarch, 2005 by Sandra M. MachenJanell D. Wilson,Charles E. Notar on parental involvement in the classroom

Knowing the power of more individual attention and the positive impact it has on student learning, how do you get volunteers in your classroom? 

How do you spread the word about training sessions and opportunities?
How do you organize your schedule to accommodate your parent volunteers?
What do you do to ensure they know their roles and the role of the student?

I'm looking at the dates of Oct. 1st and 8th for Parent Training Sessions. I'll be sure to let you know when the dates are in STONE. :)

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