Monday, November 12, 2012

Leveled Non-Fiction and Ficiton Passages: Arming Yourself

Fitting readers' needs and being aware of exposure to complex texts is a challenge. Lucy Calkins quotes Richard Allington in her book Pathways to the Common Core, "You can't learn much from books you can't read" (2002). Allington defines these books as those students can read when they demonstrate 96% accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. That challenge seems tough enough, but we also need to be exposing them (though modeling and think alouds) to those texts that are on grade level and will further our students' understanding of the standards though use of the thinking strategies. Basically, we need to have access to an arsenal of texts to use in our teaching, conferring, and classroom libraries.

So, what do you do? You seek support such as: books, booklets, colleagues, LMSs, online sites, etc. Check out sites listed below as they may make your search a little easier and support your ELA, social studies, and science contents as well. Consider them as you work to find your mini-lesson and student practice passages (those we sometimes offer them to try out before they get into their self-selected texts.) You may just find something you like that fits a variety of needs. :)

Happy Clicking! Many grade-leveled passages on various content concepts 3rd -6th grade Use the sidebar to find the grade level you are interested in finding texts for.

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