Saturday, November 10, 2012

Must Have New Apps

Sometimes I just find myself App Shopping. Like those times when I am trapped in the house, and the dishes sit piled in the sink waiting to be washed, I might just engage in some task avoidance and click on AppShopper or the App Store and see what catches my attention. Tonight I found several great (and mostly FREE) apps that called me to click "Install". Time might be running out, so click it yourself before you miss it!

McGraw Hill Education books: County & City Mouse, Jack and the Beanstalk, Why the Sea is Salty, and Little Red Riding Hood. These books are great for early readers who might need the book read to them,  (when they need help with a word or page, or just need fluency modeled for them), or when they need a just right book to read to themselves.

Word Mover:  This app was created by ReadWriteThink- the well-clicked resource we know best from our ELA units. The app "is used to supplement classroom instruction, reinforce concepts taught in class, and offer increased student engagement". Students can create "found poetry" (we might have schema for this concept though our Magnetic Poetry Center).

Book Creator: This app costs $1.99 and students can use it to create their own books, save them in iBooks, and send them via email, or submit them to the iBookstore.

Please sure your newest, greatest apps for all to see and CLICK!

Happy Installing!

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