Thursday, August 11, 2011

Podcast Clip about Reading Like a Writer with Lester Laminack

In this podcast, Franki Sibberson chats with Lester Laminack about how he reads as a writer, and what teachers might do to develop this skill in their students. Lester is the author of beloved books for children and teachers, including Saturdays and Teacakes and Unwrapping the Read Aloud.*
Just push the play arrow on the bar before the transcript.

Whether you're just starting out, or have been teaching for many moons, it's worth your time and  you can even segment parts to share with students (after they have heard a book and establish a relationship with/context for him.) 

Lester talks about:
  • connecting to text
  • themes and messages
  • the importance of setting
  • detail diarrhea :) (the sister sickness of what I call "dialog-arrhea")
  • reading like a writer
*I've got both books (and one more!) in my room for you to check out! Great memoir and teaching texts.

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