Thursday, October 11, 2012

And to think! Inventive Thinking and Those Who Inspire Us

Wise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of SocratesLeonardo and the Flying Boy (Anholt's Artists Books for Children)

Pippo the Fool (Junior Library Guild Selection (Charlesbridge Paper))Can you imagine... a time long ago when a creativity and innovation thrived...a time when modern conveniences
 were yet to be invented... a time when questioning led to great discoveries and awesome adventures...a time long, long ago...

 when Socrates declared that all he knew was nothing, so he spent his whole life asking questions...
which, in all reality, led to what we now name...The Share Square.
This "Wise Guy" became an apprentice....and studied models, heard "think alouds", sought a better understanding of big ideas like: courage, love, goodness, justice... and inspired others. This Godfather of Thinking Strategies and the Stimulater of Deeper Thinking.

And to think... his whole life is captured in a book- a historical fiction book, written for kids, in a narrative coupled with factual information. Think of that!

And to think...that Leonardo's life is also captured in a historical fiction text- with a story, about a boy name Zoro who served as an apprentice to Mr. da Vinci as he experimented with "a revolutionary flying machine!" Oh, and it includes an author's note with factual information to help readers' learn, question, understand...a time long ago and Leonardo and the Flying Boy.

And to think...a man, named Pippo the Fool, who was a bullied boy, but also a "clever, determined, imaginative" creator with the odds stacked against him. A man who persevered to win a contest to design the masterpiece Brunelleschis Dome in Florence, Italy that still stands today as a testament to his artistic talent, engineering skills, and out of the box thinking. Pippo's tale defines the Renaissance and an author's ability to marry history and fiction. And of course, it includes excellent information text to build a reader's schema and inspire further learning about a time long ago...

Think of all of that as you embark upon your 5th Grade Unit 3 Inventive Thinking. :)

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