Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Prepare My Students

TOP 10 Ways I Can Prepare My K-3 Students for
Marie Bradby’s Visit to Buckner
November 14, 2013

10) Play around with her website, to learn a little bit about her and her books.
You can also visit to learn about how she got started in her writing career!

9) Write about the visit (LET PARENTS IN ON IT!) in your newsletter/class website, or create a link to my website .

8) Listen to the newscast each morning for information about our exciting visit from Marie Bradby.

7) Look on her website and read HOW I WRITE and BIOGRAPHY to build the students’ schema.

6) Look on her website at the BOOKS on the right side to learn about her books. Go to and type Marie Bradby to read some of the reviews of her books. THEN CHECK OUT the tub of Visiting Author books and read them to your class.

5) Encourage your kids to read the snippets of text on the walls while in line, walking down the hall, etc.

4) Try the “Writing Exercise” activity to spark your students’ creative juices. Pretty interesting idea. See the website for details!
After reading More Than Anything Else, have students write a “More Than Anything Else” story of their own.
After reading Once Upon a Farm have students craft poetry with a
 “Once Upon a _______ “ story of their own.

3) Foster a connection to family and self by listening to George Ella Lyon’s Where I’m From poem (text available, too)
and then reading Marie Bradby’s picture book Momma, Where Are You From?  to spark student generated ideas about where they or a family member is from. Discuss their thoughts in a share square. Research about a family member to preserve history, and/or have students write their own _________, Where Are You From? 

2) Use her books and poetry in your literacy workshops as the shared reading and discussion topics! And/or use them as your fluency work for the week!

- Use her texts as models or mentors: read them to understand as a reader, study her writing as you “read like a writer” analyzing the purpose, ideas, organization, words, use of voice, conventions, and variety of crafts.

PLEASE consider inviting Jennifer and Sarah in as guest readers or to model/co-teach a lesson! We love this author and would LOVE to share her work with the students.

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