Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Sets to use for "Unlocking" Levels

Book Sets to Share
    Through our recent PD experiences we have been talking about all things Guided or Strategic Reading. We have spent time considering the purpose, structure, best practices related to guiding readers to be strategic in their problem-solving so they can ultimately understand what they read.
   In the K-2 group, Angelica's led teams through creating lesson opportunities for a set of books ranging from 6-24. *Check out the awesome doc they created! In the 3-5 group, I've worked to facilitate learning about the possibilities for using instructional texts with readers to raise the level of ANY reader-struggling, on level, above level. By examining and analyzing texts through the lens of "unlocking" a hurdle a reader would encounter at that level, we have begun the process of building strategic readers.
  When doing this process, we have to always ask ourselves, "What does the reader bring to this level?" and "What hurdles can I support them with as they read this instructional text?" We can think of it as holding their hands (guiding them) through something within that text (with a variety of texts) at that level so they can more quickly become independent enough to read that level.
   If you are looking for more texts to use with students, please consider using some of those in our building. Kevin has this set, there are also sets in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade closets. We have the DRA levels and you can ask for parent or student support (after school) in labeling them for easy access.
   Some books have been used and lesson plans with "What could I do with this book?" grid has been created by those using them. Check it out on the S drive in the Guided Reading folder.
   As always, you have the support of your colleagues, Angelica, team members, and me. We are here for you to guide or just grow with you.


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