Thursday, March 3, 2016

Celebrating Writing

Celebrating our Writers of the Month is a long-standing tradition for Buckner. For over a decade students have been entering their writing into the monthly contest. Teachers of every variety volunteer to read this great writing and winners are selected and showcased on the bulletin board, announced on Newscast, displayed on the Parent Website, and honored with a pencil.

Lately, several of our judges have taken their role of reading all of the grade level's great writing and choosing some models to a new level. Erin Marvin and Ann-Marie Elwell both contacted me separately to ask if they "could provide feedback to the students." My response, "OF COURSE! Wow! How powerful for the students to receive feedback -winners or not!"  And so they did. Each of these fine educators took the time to both read and reply to each and every student in their stack. Talk about honoring and propelling writers! Thank you to all* who took the time to read our young writers' stories, information, and opinions--you are making a difference in each of their lives by giving them an audience.
*Additional 2015-16 Judges: Jenny Graff, Rachel Martin, Ann-Marie Elwell, Stephanie Martin, Holly Dunigan, Kathy Robson, Heather McDonald, Emily Esarey, Stephanie Bailey, Jaime Ruhl, and Angelica Fotos

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