Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Need some Next Steps for guiding strategic readers (and writers)?

Check out this AMAZING resource for designing instruction for your Guided Reading groups. It's truly one of the best resources I've come across.

Videos- Jan Richardson in action teaching specific (and varied) strategies to a variety of readers at varying levels from PreA/DRA1-Z/DRA 50. Just click on the video you want to watch for:
-phonological skills
-book introductions
-strategies prompting during the independent reading
-teaching points
-comprehension discussions
-word work
-guided writing

Sample Lessons- Looking for ideas for meeting kids' specific needs? Jan has some to share. From any of the reading components above, you can find lesson ideas and needed materials to teach those specific strategies and skills.

Verbal Prompts- What can I say when they___? Check out the graphic organizers that are categories by LEVEL (aka common reader's behaviors) and by READING & WRITING.


Assessments- No instruction is complete (or should even be designed) without information from assessments. This text offers a myriad of assessment ideas and forms.
Intervention & EL Resources- Students will additional needs might need a little something different than the others. At the end of each chapter, suggestions show up to support your planning and instructional needs.
So, if you are looking to add to your Reading Instruction repertoire, check out this book. We have 3 at BES: Emilee, Angelica, and I are happy to loan you a copy! 


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