Friday, October 8, 2010

The Thinking is on the Wall

I know this will not be up for long, so I thought I would be sure to capture it and share it with you- NOW! It's not often that we get to walk the halls and see what our colleagues are doing in other classrooms. There are some hallways and walls we NEVER see because our path just never takes us that way. Down in the EP 2 hallway kids have their thinking on display (for now) and it's out for everyone to read. Each K/1 student read, thought, and proudly recorded their metacognition. How FABULOUS is that? Catch it here,  because I am 100% sure that during the next trip I take down that hall, I'll spot a new display of thinking. It's always happening and the walls are sure to change to show off their students' new and innovative ideas.

But, hey, don't fret,
I'll take the camera
and stoll down your hallway...

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