Friday, October 1, 2010

Writer of the Month Winners!

Below are the kids who won for their wonderful writing in our September edition of the Writer of the Month contest!

Thanks to every teacher for fostering a love of writing and encouraging your students to share their writing with an audience.


Thanks also to our judges: Stephanie Bailey, Kristin Schaefer, Dina Tackett, Sarah Pitcock, Jenny Graff.

We couldn't do this with ALL of you!
And the winners are...

Student                             Teacher                         Title (genre)
Kindergarten (K)

Chloe Park                           Kent                           My Blanket (small moment)

Kate McLarty                       Reynolds                    I Really Like

Daniel Ely                             Sullivan                       Fuzzy Yellow Blanket

First (1st)

Ava Shea                             Reynolds                    Chocolate Chip Cookies (poem)

Emma Robson                     Sullivan                       The YMCA’s Pool (small moment)

Josie Bailey                          Schaefer                     Fluffy Forms a Chrysalis (small moment)

Second (2nd)

Hadley Pollock                    Dunigan                       Fishing (poem)

Aaliyah Wach                      Dunigan                       Fall (poem)

Mia Crosby                         Sparks                         My 8th Birthday (poem)

Third (3rd)

John Reynolds                     Puckett                         Cinnamon Roll (poem)

Morgan Scholten                 Frazier                          Dark Shadow (poem)

Kylie Wantland                   Coomer                         Waterfall (poem)

Fourth (4th)

Will Anderson                     Brodt                            Nature’s Art (poem)

Stephanie Scott                   Pitcock                         Running Free (poem)

Mackie Gossman                Pitcock                         The Painting Girl (poem)

Fifth (5th)

Daniel Kembell                   Parrott                           When I am an Old Man (poem)

Elizabeth Berhow                Ruhl Fierce                     Wonderings (poem)

Kylie Seeling                       Martin                            Beach (poem)

Congratulations to ALL of our writers and WINNERS!

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