Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reader's Theatre: Engaging Students in Improving Oral Fluency to Enhance Comprehension

Looking for ways to engage your readers? Ways to help those dysfluent readers improve their rate, accuracy, and expression so they can enhance their comprehension? Want to spark creativity, introduce drama, and offer novel activities for students to participate in withing your Reader's Workshop? Check out these sites which contain a plethora of Reader's Theater ideas, scrips, and tips. See what you think! How to start using Reader's Theater Instructionally in the Classroom, links to texts, and MORE! Free Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays Reading Rockets ALWAYS has great ideas and teaching tips to share Scholastic Books offers some ideas and links to get you started. Purchasing Reader's Theaters

Be sure to add your comments below to share how you work with students on improving oral fluency.

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