Saturday, November 6, 2010

Videos and Resources To Enhance Your Reader's Workshops

The link above has it all! Richard Allington  and other Literacy Experts (teachers, too!) offer video clips and resources to remind us of best practices, enhance our own understandings, and offer alternatives to the ho-hum of teaching Reader's Workshop.

While the title states that it's geared towards "Grades 3-5" don't let it fool you. The best practices shown here have something for EVERYONE. I watched our dear "friend" Richard Allington's video, Workshop 2. Fluency and Word Study and had an ah-ha moment regarding what he calls Non-Interruptive Reading Strategy. You know those readers who read... Word. By. Word. They even stop to look around and check with you to see if it's right? Allington shared in this interview that this behavior is actually a learned behavior that we- teachers- have developed in our readers. Ahhhh! Not good. Never fear, we can break the cycle for ourselves and work with students to assist them in reading fluently... so they can better comprehend the texts they read.

To learn about how best to teach an understanding of:
Creating Contexts for Learning
Fluency and Word Study
Building Comprehension
New Literacies of the Internet
Teaching English Language Learners
Teaching Diverse Learners
Assessment and Accountability
Investigating Word Meaning
Fostering Book Discussions
Choosing Words Strategically
Revising for Clarity
Reading Across the Curriculum
Looking at Cause and Effect
Close Reading for Understanding
Summarizing Nonfiction

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