Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's a Word?

Powerful Pronouns:     
Me vs. Us*

 What is the impact on your students when you say…

“Show me.”                   vs.             “Show us.”                       

“Tell me.”                      vs.             “Tell us.”                        
“Explain to me.”            vs.            “Explain to us.”                 
“Tell me why...”             vs.             “Tell us why...”                 

“Help me understand…” vs.            “Help us understand…”
                  “Describe for me…”        vs.             “Describe for us…”                                                                        

* Usthe class, our class, your classmates, our community.

Which pronoun do you find yourself saying most?

Who's invited in? Who's tuning in?
Who's tuning out?

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