Sunday, October 6, 2013

Contest Time!

Promoting authentic writing and arts in your classroom can be easier than you think. There are two contests running right now that may just be the ones to spark a student's creative side and the be one selected as a contest winner!

The contest above is geared for our intermediate grades (4th & 5th) and offers them an opportunity to connect literature and writing. Students can choose any text that speaks to to them and craft  a letter to that author sharing how it affected them personally. As  you can see, prizes are award at both state and national levels! Students can even read previous winners' essays to use as models for their won writing.
Scroll down to page 5 on this link: to be able to click on the links in the picture above.

A second wonderful contest that includes textual and visual literacy, as well as a variety of the arts is the PTA Reflections contest. This contest is for students of all ages (K-5th) and offers multiple opportunities for you to share about this contest. How many of you already talk with students about their beliefs, dreams, and inspirations? Please promote this contest in your room so that your students feel the power of their talents. Buckner and Oldham Co. do a great job of honoring these students, but they often don't even understand the contest itself. What role could you play in sharing their talents?

Carson Annie - an excited winner as a K-2 District Winner!

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